Did a Michigan Nurse Violate HIPAA on Facebook?

Cheryl James, a nurse in Michigan was fired for violating HIPAA regulations last week –because of remarks she posted on her Facebook page.

Like many Michigan residents she was upset when a local policeman was shot to death pursuing a suspect. She actually treated the killer as a part of her duties as a nurse at Oakwood Hospital in Detroit. Problem was she then posted that fact on her Facebook status – sort of.

Her first message revealed that she came face-to-face with a cop killer and hoped he rotted in hell. She also posted another one that her now former employers won’t discuss. They let her go from her job citing that she had violated HIPPA regulations by disseminating protected health information about a patient on a public forum (ie Facebook)

The nurse plans to fight her termination as she feels she did no such thing. According to her “ I am familiar with HIPPA. I did not give out any of his information. I did not give out his name. I did not mention the hospital. I did not give out his condition,” James said. “I did not violate HIPAA”

Who do you think is in the right here? Click here to watch Ms. James ‘interview with Fox 2 Detroit